Stucco Ceilings in Toronto (Worse than you Think!)

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As a professional ceiling repair company based in Southern Ontario, we’ve been grateful to help so many families with their ceiling issues. Whether it’s been water damage or stucco ceiling removal, we’ve been blessed to help and improve the ceiling quality for hundreds of GTA residents.

Still Finding Stucco Ceilings

Though our efforts to fight stucco ceiling and popcorn textured finishes are always in high-gear, we are still shocked at how ever present this finishing style presents itself across not just Toronto, but the Halton and Hamilton Regions as well.

It’s with this in mind that the Ceiling Company (us!) is more dedicated than ever to smooth out ceilings and add flare to your home while we do it.

For every home that still has stucco or popcorn ceiling, there’s an opportunity to improve and upgrade a room (or multiple rooms!).

Using Stucco Ceiling Repairs as a Chance to Upgrade Your Home in Toronto

If we’re going to be renovating inside of your house, we might as well discuss the options that you have while we’re just ‘hanging around’.

With ceiling access, we are able to consider a few key upgrades that can help increase the value of your home.

It’s not just that we are removing the stucco and popcorn ceiling, we are also highlighting an opportunity to add:

  • Pot lighting – Installation and wiring
  • Sky lights – Installation and alignment
  • Entertainment – Speakers and A/V wiring
  • Crown Molding – Cap off your ceilings in royal fashion

With each of these additions, you are looking fantastic improvements to the brightness and convenience of your Toronto home’s life style. I bet you never thought of the vast opportunities that lay just above the surface of that awful stucco.

Brighten Up Your Rooms by Removing Popcorn Ceiling

Speaking of light, which seems to be a common theme with stucco ceilings and associated issues throughout the GTA, if you do consider adding pot lights or a skylight while we are doing ceiling repairs, you will be absolutely shocked at the difference.

The reason for this anticipate shock is that the stucco ceilings cause light to be trapped in the small pits and valleys and therefore really reduce the quality of light in the affected room.

Once the stucco (or stipple as it is sometimes called) is removed and we add the extra lighting, you are looking at drastic improvements in the initial lighting of the room, plus the removal of the dampening texture.

If you’re looking for a way to brighten your house, you can now solve two problems with one company’s swift process of removing stucco ceilings.

Toronto’s Own Smooth Ceiling

For those hard to reach areas in Toronto and the GTA, Smooth Ceiling is a great company that works with us to provide ceiling repair services when we cannot quite reach you. Though we make every effort to service everywhere we can, we’ve found it remarkably more valuable to work together with others.

Smooth Ceiling has presented themselves as the premiere company to join forces with to offer total coverage to the area for the above types of ceiling repair work and stucco removal in Toronto.

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