Potlight Installation and your Ceilings

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The potlights that my father installed in our basement when I was younger were a miracle. At the time, I’d never seen a potlight. Ever.

How could a light be recessed to exist within the ceiling, but also shine bright on the room below?

To this day, this dramatic lighting experience has charged my every motion, my every move.

Recessed Lighting and More, as a Career

Most children are not enthralled by electricity and electrical contracting. I was not most children.

My father had ‘enlightened’ me to see that design was the shortcut to amazement. By amazing the witness, you could achieve special status, and become something of a marvel to them. As such, they tell their friends and family. Before you know it, installing potlights and recessed lighting becomes a career path. One that provides a happy lifestyle, and a certain ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel.

Potlights in ceiling

Potlights and Recessed Lighting Fever

Potlights hit their stride in the 1970’s when Woodstock fever hit the continent.

Simplicity of design, and hidden elements of lighting effect made their mark. For the world of interior lighting and electrical contracting, this new evolution rocked. The Toronto electrical scene has never recovered. Suburbs around the GTA embraced the new trend and all homebuilders scrambled.

Homebuilders who were building new homes haven’t had it too hard. As exchanging one type of light fixture for another, by design, is not too difficult.

For the electrical contractors charged with installing the potlights… For them it offered a bit of shell shock.

For the most part, electrical contractors in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, and area… They were able to pop into a new home construction, close to the finish, and cap off designated spots.

These spots would be what you see in your current living room or kitchen. Spots where a surface area lighting fixture would now be.

Bedroom potlights

The Difference Between Potlights and Traditional Lighting…

To the modern ‘smooth ceiling’, an electrical receptical descending from the ceiling is ugly.

This might be half the reason why the timing of potlights made it all work so well.

Growing up, all I remember seeing was popcorn ceiling and stucco ceiling. As much as it blended in, and became a regular sight… when  someone, years later, offered an alternative… The entire electrical contractor and stucco contractor world cheered.

All the homes built after World War 2 had several things in common… They were cheap to build, and as a result, most had popcorn ceiling or stucco ceiling.

With stucco ceiling, it was dead simple to install a lighting fixture. The electrical receptacle gave an opening, and onto it, you’d attach a fan, a light, or some combination of the two.

Before and after electrical transformation

Where Potlights Differ

Unfortunately for the home builders of the greatest generation ever, potlights required strategy.

You couldn’t plug them in after. You couldn’t ‘change your mind’ and make potlights happen.

Because a potlight is a recessed type of lighting, it must be part of the plan. In advance, you must say – ‘I want potlights here, here and here’.

After the boom, this is how it started to happen. And homeowners across Ontario were happy.

Residents were removing stucco, and realizing how easy it was to install potlights.

Electrical contractors and lighting specialists engaged in the art of installing lighting smiled. Finally, a trend had come that made it easy for those with planning and strategy in mind.

Such is the story that I followed. The timing lines up, the trends line up, and I am a part of it.

contoured ceiling potlights

The Potlight and Recessed Lighting Trend is my Life

Like children who grew up with an internet boom, or a looming war, lighting has its own trend.

Potlights and recessed lighting, especially in areas of the GTA made it clear. Potlights are more than a trend, they are style and utility combined.

From here, it is only logical to make my own company, called Unique Potlight, from which I launch my move. I help people install potlights and recessed lighting in their homes.

Many homes are still – to this day – left with old style lighting fixtures. I can help, and I will help.

The time it takes to turn a traditional light fixture into a potlight is negligible. The traditional electrical receptacle is replaced with an insert that makes it easy. The new unit is recessed, instead of protruding. That is the difference. That is why Unique Potlight has earned and kept its status as a GTA area and Richmond Hill, Newmarket area electrical contractor and potlight specialist.

Amazing ceiling lighting

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